Computer Science: Third Highest Major with Highest Earnings

Computer Science: Third Highest Major with Highest Earnings

  Master Degree Online, a self-touted innovative to jobs and careers requiring Master's and Graduate degrees website, recently released the infographic: Getting the Most from the Job Market. This statistics-filled infographic provides a visual look at facts and figures on the current job market as it relates to careers and jobs for those with advanced degrees.

An interesting highlight of the infographic shows that computer science is in the top ten list of least popular majors, it's the one of the top three majors having the highest median earning, coming in at $98,000.

Could the lack of popularity in a computer science major be that computers are still seen only popular for geeks or tech gurus? If so, Steve Jobs sure has been one to change that persona. Taking computers from simply number crunching machines to tools that excite, enable artistic imagination, and provide entertainment value in addition to functionality.

Computer science as a whole is a large open pasture, with many sub-fields. Computer science jobs aren't just in computer programming, but computer graphics, computer engineering, computer architecture, computer information, computer security, software engineering, artificial intelligence, criminal investigation, health care, and so many more applications.

Today, computers are blurring the lines between arts, sciences, and business, if not erasing them. Instead of simply being used to maintain inventories or track customer payments, computers have become "instruments" for musicians, artists, film-makers, novelists, writers, and journalists.

These days, with the plethora of iPads, tablets and other computer-run gadgets, it seems everyone has a little geek in them.