Michigan Adds More High-Tech Jobs than Any Other State in 2010

Michigan Adds More High-Tech Jobs than Any Other State in 2010

Job gains in the research, development, and software sections.


According to a report published in the beginning of October, the state of Michigan added more high-tech jobs than any of state in 2010. After having years of declining technology jobs, this surprising statistic is welcome news for those in the information technology field residing in Michigan. Still, Michigan ranks 15th nationwide in terms of total technology workers.

Between 2009 and 2010, Michigan added 2,700 high-tech jobs, which is an increase of nearly two percent. What is interesting to note with this statistic is that this rise is seen even in the midst of any over three percent decline in technology jobs in the United States. The nation as a whole saw a decline of over 115,000 jobs in the technology field.

These job gains, especially in the research, development, and software sections are great news in that they can help the state recover from tough economic times. Some well-known companies, such as Quicken Loans and Compuware Corp have workers employed in the motor city.

As of 2010, Michigan is ranked the 8th most populous state. It has the largest freshwater coastline of any state in the U.S. Michigan also can boast that it is the third largest grower of Christmas trees. That said, as of August 2011, Michigan's unemployment rate is over 11 percent, a higher rate than the national average of 9.1 percent.

While Michigan may be nicknamed the "motor city" for its abundant automotive industry, it seems as though it is making headway in other industries, including the high-tech industry.