April 2011

Interview with Computer Repairman

A cousin of mine is a computer wiz who occasionally does computer repair on the side; he typically works as a manager of a store full time. He agreed to answer a few of my questions about the job that he loves to do—tinker on the guts of many a computer.

How did you get started in computer repair?

That was my original passion. I went to school for computer repair and that’s what my degree is in. You know I’m a gamer and computers and games are what I love most.

So why don’t you work in computer repair full time?

I sort of just fell into the manager job I have, and started working up so I could buy a house and raise a family. I might do it fulltime someday; I don’t know. I don’t mind my job and it gives me plenty of time to spend with my family, and I don’t have weird hours that I might have if I worked on computers full time.

What do you charge per visit?