November 2011

Computer Science Majors Are Increasing at Some Colleges

Computer science programs are seeing record applications this fall.


PC World is reporting that colleges that offer undergraduate computer science programs may be hit with a record in terms of the number of student applications this fall.

What's the reason? Hopeful candidates are being lured by bountiful jobs, and cool role models, such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. Not only that, but the promise of a six-figure entry-level salary helps with the draw. The record number of applications is expected to even exceed the craze about a decade ago during the dot com explosion.

Intel and the White House Team Up to Help Returning Veterans

"Intel: Helping smooth the transition from a military career to private industry"

An estimated 39,000 veterans are expected to return from Afghanistan and Iraq to the United States by the end of this year. As such, the White House has teamed up with Intel Corporation to launch the Veteran's Employment Training Program, known as Intel VET for short. The purpose of the program is to help veterans make a smooth transition to a civilian career.

In support of the program, Intel Corporation will be expanding its Intel Computer Clubhouse Network (ICCN), which will provide technology and computer training to returning veterans to help them transition from the battlefield to the office. The ICCN has been helping youth in an after-school community-based technology instruction programs to use professional software and hardware to develop computer-related projects.

Systems Analyst: Requirements and Job Duties

Employment for Systems Analyst is predicted to expand much faster than average.

Job Duties

The Systems Analyst positions can have a number of different names including Tester and Quality Assurance Analyst. Regardless of what the specific job title is, the main job duties are the same: the employee tests out features of a product (software or hardware) to detect usability issues, glitches, or problems. Other job duties include planning, developing, designing, and installing new computer systems. The Systems Analyst often works to revamp existing computer systems. Testing and debugging are common tasks conducted on a consistent basis by a Systems Analyst. In some cases, a Systems Analyst is involved in preparing a cost-benefit analysis or a return-on-investment analysis for management. Systems Analysts often work with other Information Technology (IT) professionals, including Network Engineers, Security Specialists, and Programmers.


The Systems Analyst needs to have a good understanding of computer hardware and software. More specifically, he must have a thorough understanding of the product being testing. Many employers require that a Systems Analyst have a formal education, either a bachelors degree or masters degree. The most popular computer-related degrees are degrees in computer science, management information science, or information science. Some employers require certifications as well.


According to, the average earnings of a Computer Systems Analyst as of October 2011 ranges between $38,249 and $84,746. Earnings vary by state, employer, years of experience, certification, and company size.