July 2019

greenacres, fl 33413

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Dear President Obama: I need your help. I have great respect for you and miss you as our President every day --- I worked as a volunteer to register voters when you were running. I am so anxious to have our country return to some sort of normalcy and those programs you had to do executive orders on because Mitch McConnell would not let any legislation be put forth for a Senate Vote be put back in place with the legislation to protect them.

I am receiving many e-mails which appear to be using your name for fund raising --- proceeds to go towards helping the Democratic candidates. I have very little to donate and am very anxious to donate where my money will do the most good and is being used to promote candidates that hopefully will turn our Senate Democratic as well as helping those candidates running for President. I am an environmental activist with the Sierra Club and my heart is breaking as this Man in the White House destroys our clean air & water act as well as any environmental inroads you had made as President.

One donation request just received from the-----Democratic Majority: HMP and another recently received is the BOLD PAC. Both of these organizations use your name and I want to be certain that they are organizations you do support.

Again, I want you to know how much we miss you and Michelle as our President and First Lady and will appreciate any guidance you can give me so that I my direct my donations to the very best source.

Most Sincerely,
Greenacres, FL.

Fettuccine Rocks

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A study has shown that if our rovers are looking for life, they should look for a very specific type of rock. It's so interesting that rocks that are shaped like fettuccine noodles are shaped that way because they've encountered bacteria, which, of course, points toward life existing somewhere at some point!

Keto Restaurant Hacks

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I live a mostly keto lifestyle for many reasons, which means most of what I eat comes from the earth--lots of veggies and avocado! I also love me some nuts, and I use olive oil and vinegar on the daily. I do have protein every day, but not nearly as much as most people think keto eaters consume. I do like to eat out as a treat, so finding out restaurant hacks is one of my jams.

Lost Animals Found

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Every once in a while, researchers run across a place where it seems as if time has forgotten the land, and both the flora and fauna seem to be from another time. A "lost city" in the jungles of Honduras is one such place, and scientists say that they found many animals once thought to be extinct!

Russia Is Owning Us In Every Which Way

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If we found out that Russia had hacked our election while Obama was in office, he'd have been impeached within two years. This lack of balance of powers is beyond ridiculous and as much as I don't agree with Republicans, I never, in all my life, thought they'd be siding with Russia over America, and yet here we are. Rather than risk their president puppet, Republicans would rather pretend there's no real issue at hand while Russia hacks at us in every which way, from elections to Face Apps.

Immersive Poet Study

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Immersive studies are all the rage among homeschoolers, and for good reason: not only is it a fun way to learn, but it helps things really stick! Immersive studies call for saturating a time--usually a week or a few weeks--with the subject material. A poet immersion study is a great way to learn more about your favorite poet!

How Much Family Guy Cast Members Make

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It seems like actors, athletes and other celebs make a gross amount of money, especially with as much work as it seems like they put in. But I think the cost of their privacy alone, which is a highly valuable commodity today, is much steeper. Still, it's interesting to see the "net worth" of various celebs, including those who provide vocal talents for Family Guy.

Dorm Room Crafts

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College is right around the corner for thousands of people, but being organized and stylish isn't difficult when you know how to DIY. Here are some easy tips to use in your dorm room.

Skip buying expensive organizers for socks and undergarments. Instead, get some canned drinks for your fridge and cut them to use them for storage and put them inside your dresser. They work nicely on wide shelves and you can decorate them with decorative paper if you prefer. 

Locker Crafts

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Whether you're entering the medical field, you have a high school aged loved one or have your own personal locker in another field, there are lots of ways to spruce it up, make it yours and keep yourself organized. These great locker crafts are perfect for going back to school or getting your office locker as organized as can be!

These DIY magnets, clothespins and pen holder will keep your writing utensils and reminders in place.